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The Screen Family

To All the staff, Just want to say Thank You for your kindness and your compassion for the way you looked after Molly when she had to go to sleep, and the caring way you looked after me at the sad time it was. 

Forever Grateful x x x

June 2017

The Dawson Family

To Justyna, Thank you for being the vet you are, professional, caring, put the animals first and straight to the point

Thank you for all you did for my Alfie I know he really appreciated it. Best wishes

April 2017

The Little Family

To Gavin and all the staff at Tameside Veterinary Clinic, we just want to thank you for your caring thoughtful way you helped us through the loss of Jack, we want to wish you all the very best of luck for the future, we also hope the business thrives and you can continue to look after all your future furry clients.

January 2017

The Nuttall Family

To Diarmuid, Gina and all the girls. Thank you very much for all the care, kindness and support you have given to Faith and us over the last 13 years and especially the last few days of her life.

January 2017

The Rodgers Family

Thank you all for all the kind and amazing things, thanks for looking after Maximus.

January 2017

The Brooksbank Family

Thank you so much for all your help and advise in looking after Tilly,

Jill, Paul, Sarah, Laura and Amanda.

January 2017

The Dawson Family

To Hayley, Michele, Angela, Charlotte and Becky

Thank you for always being helpful and caring with Alfie's appointments and treatments, it is really appreciated.

January 2017

The Crook Family

Thank you so much for looking after our beloved Harvey. We shall miss you and cannot thank you enough for the care and compassion you showed us when we had to have him put to sleep.

September 2016

The Crabtree Family

My wife and I just anted to drop you a line to express our thanks for your kindness. At a very distressing time your compassion and gentle manner was of great comfort to us both. Under the care of you and your staff you helped Ben achieve a full and happy life and for that we will be forever grateful.

September 2016

The Blything Family

We wanted to send you a card to say how grateful we are that you were Henrys vet. The care, compasion and understanding you showed to our Henry right from being a puppy through to his elderley years has been a great comfort, especially in these last few days. We couldn't have wished or hoped for a more dedicated and compassionate vet as yourself.

September 2016

The Mills Family

We would like to express our grateful thanks for all the care and attention given to our dog, Harvey, during his short illness. In particular we would like to thank vet Frank for getting to the bottom of Harveys illness.

September 2016

Bea's Owner

Thank you for looking after Bea so well and her mummy too.

September 2016

Basils Owner

Thank you all very much

August 2016

Charleys Owners

Thank you Gavin for your care and attention with Charley the rascal, he is fighting fit again.

July 2016

The Cooney Family

Thank you for all your help and kindness you gave us when Lucy was ill.

June 2016

The Wise Family

I would like to say a very big and well deserved THANK YOU to all at Tameside Vets especially Frank for everything you have done for Charlie... he is doing exceptionally well due to the care and dedicationfrom you all. I am so glad to have many more years with my beautiful Charlie. Thankyou so much.

June 2016

Ms Smith

Thank you so much for your help last night with the badly injuered hedgehog. I really appreciated your help.

June 2016

The Roberts Family

Angela, Thanks for your time and effort means the world to me and ill never forget.

May 2016

Persia's Owner

We would like to thank all the at the surgery, but in particular Philippa and her a attending nurse on our recent house visit.

March 2016

jack and jill' Owner

We would like to thank youfor looking after Jack and Jillin the early weeks of thier lives.

Feb 2016

Devlin Family

Thank you so very much,

for all you do its much appreciated

Jan 2016

The Bowler family

We would like to thank you all for looking after our beautiful boy all these years, and especially over Christmas. You were all amazing nothing was too much trouble for you, we truly felt you cared, and that meant a lot to all of us.

December 2015

Ms Roberts

Thanks for your time and effort it means the world to me.

Nov 2015

Bowker Family

Thank you all so much for the kindness and compasion you showed in helping us deal with the sad loss of our beloved pet.

I will have no hesitation in recomending your veterinary services to all my family and friends.

November 2015


To all the staff who looked after me during and after my operation, I now feel a lot better thanks to you.

My Mum is also very grateful because i'm a happier dog.

October 2015

Bridgets Family

Thank you so much for taking care of our beautiful Bridget Jones.

October 2015

Scoobie's Family

Thank you for looking after our baby and for understanding how much he means to us.

October 2015


I just want to thank you all very much for doing my operationand looking after me all the way through. I hope I was a good boy for you all.

I'm a happy boy now as i am fit and well and can go for lovely walks again.

Thanks to everybody especially Helen.

September 2015

Member of public

Thank you so much for your help last night with the injured Hedgehog. I really appreciated your kindness.

August 2015

Ms Morris-Jones


to everyone who had a part to play in Tia's care.

You've ALL been Amazing!!

To Jenny

Thanks for not giving up on me when Mum was in tears!

and for sorting out my annoying leak!!

Love Tia

July 2015

The Halliday Family

My cat sneakers, was a patient of yours for many years, along with our other pets past and present.

Losing a pet is such a tough thing to go through and during such a sad time, the people involved in the pets care really can make all the difference. Tameside Veterinary Clinic did just that for me. The level of care, compassion and consideration shown by every person we encountered at your vets, both at the time of Sneaker's passing and during previous appointments with all our pets over the years is so, so appreicieted and I really wanted to say thank you, both for myself and on Sneakers behalf, in the best way I could.

Words cannot express how grateful I am to you all.

June 2015

Norgrove Family

You are all stars and so kind, Thank you for all the treatment, surgery and rehabilitation of Jade, she may keep coming back for cuddles (hopefully NOT surgery)

June 2015

Jack's Owners

To Jenny and all the staff thank you very much for your help  consideration and kindness shown to me and my family

March 2015

Christine Brookes and Anthony

To all the staff at Tameside Veterinary Clinic

Thank you for everything you did for Poppet

February 2015

Miss Lloyd and Family

We would like to say a big Thank you to the staff for looking after Kelis through her c-section - We are so grateful

February 2015

Pam and Phil

Many Thanks for all your treatment of Bertie over the last 5 years and especially over the last 2 weeks

February 2015

Cracknell Family

Thank you for taking good care of Betty after her operation.

January 2015

Mr & Mrs S Holland

To all The Staff - Just to say Thank You for you kind ways and what you did for our beloved cat Penny

January 2015

The Horton Family

Thank you for all your support and kindness with our very much loved cat Bubba 

Thank you for everything you all do we are so grateful.

November 2014

Bodie's Family

-Your care over the 4 amazing years has been fabulous words can never express our grateful thanks.

November 2014

The Brown Family

Just a BIG thank you

October 2014

The Rosson Family

Just Like to say thank you for all the care and attention you have given to Charlie over the last five months we really appreciate all your help.

September 2014

Saber's Family

Thank you for all your kindness. All the staff at Tameside Vets Ashton are lovely people.

September 2014

Bailey's Family

Thank you for taking care of my baby Bailey

September 2014

The Ringer Family

"Who have over the years have provided Oscar with fantastic care that on occasions he has needed"

August 2014

The Nicklin Family

Thanks for getting Holly well again. What a great team you all are. She is doing really well now and its all your care and attention whilst she was in your hands.

There is only one vets for us and always has been

June 2014

The Cummings Family

Thank you so much for the care and compassion shown to my deaf, daft rescue Staffie and to me too!!!

June 2014

Oakleys Family

Oakley is bouncing around again like a young rabbit thank you so much for all your care of him.

May 2014

The Carey Family

Thank you for all the care you have given my dog Bruno over years.

May 2014

Sasha's Owners

Thank you for looking after us and being so caring and thoughtful during my recent treatment.

April 2014

Mr and Mrs Barlow

May we say thank you for all the kindness and professional care given to us and our pets over many years.

April 2014

The Rigby Family

Thank you all for such good care of my Bailey when he came in for his operation, It was such a stressful time for us all, but it was made easier knowing he was in such good hands.

February 2014

Mr and Mrs Maddox

Many thanks for the care given to Willow - Your quick reaction to her symptoms obviously helped to save her.

Many Many Thanks

Feb 2014

owners of Friday Bluebell

Friday bluebell is doing really well and learning to walk using three legs,

Thank you for looking after her pre and post operation, taking time to ensure she is happy and healthy.

Jan 2014


Everyone was very kind and reassuring to my new rescue dog who is rather timid. Helen is a wonderful vet.

Jan 2014

Sonya and family

I would just like to thank you all for helping to save Jessie, it meant a lot to me and my family and for being there for me at any time on the phone, you are all wonderful staff who care.

Jan 2014

Mr and Mrs Shaw

Many Many thanks for your prompt and efficient treatment to our dear pet Sally on New Years Eve, which must have been an inconvenient time for you,. Her relief (and ours) was immediate and appears to be permanent. Thank you again,

A happy and prosperous new year to you all.

Jan 2014

The O'keeffe Family

I just wanted your whole team to know how much your car and attention has meant to me and my family over recent years. I have recommended you to everyone with pets that i know.


The Smith Family

Just a few words to say Thank you very, very much for the brilliant care you all gave to my George after he got knocked over, He is doing great now and almost back to normal.

I do believe that if you were not open that night he wouldn't be with us now.

Thank you again.

Dec 2013

Barney Harrison (dog)

I am 10 Today!

Thank you all so very much for being so clever, kind and for making sure i am happy and well on my special birthday.

Dec 2013

The Madden Family

A big thank you to you all for looking after Megan,

Thanks so much.

Nov 2013

The Mealing Family

Thank you for all your loving care and for bringing our beloved Toby back to health.

Nov 2013

The Tipler Family

Thank you for your care, patience and kindness to Flint and ourselves.

Nov 2013

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