Surgery and Procedures

We perform a wide range of surgery and procedures every day in our fully-equipped clinics. Our veterinary surgeons and nurses have been trained to the highest level to ensure your pet’s operation is performed effectively and safely.

Before you entrust your pet to our care, you will be fully briefed on the procedure and the post-operative care that your pet will need.

Our three clinics are equipped with modern and clean surgical facilities, surgical lighting and an up-to-date anaesthetic machine and monitoring system.

We have separate dog and cat wards to reduce stress to your pet before and after surgery. Each ward houses stainless-steel kennels which are insulated, heated, ventilated and air-conditioned for comfort.

Before surgery, pets are prepared in our preparation room. This is where any pre-op procedures are carried out, such as hair clipping, cleaning and blood samples.

We also provide special hospitalisation facilities for sick or injured pets that are recovering from surgery. Our dedicated team of professionals will be with your pet every step of the way to ensure a smooth recovery.