X-Ray and Ultrasound

Here at Tameside Veterinary Clinic, we have a range of diagnostic equipment that ensures we can give your pet the best possible care.

Our digital x-ray machines enable us to take x-rays quickly, reliably and safely. They allow our experienced vets and nurses to diagnose many conditions that can’t be seen from external examinations alone. If your pet needs an x-ray, we’ll be looking out for bone ,abnormalities foreign objects and any issues with internal organs and tissue. X-rays are normally performed with sedation or anaesthetic.

Ultrasound machines work by sending sound waves into your pet’s body and listening for echoes. These echoes create a picture of what’s happening inside the body. Ultrasound scans are a fast, non-invasive way to examine your pet’s internal organs. There are many reasons why your vet or nurse may suggest a scan of your pet. For example, ultrasounds can let us see whether your pet is pregnant and enable us to look more closely at organs in the abdomen and chest.

An endoscopy examination is another way for your vet to diagnose health issues without the need for surgery. The endoscope is a long tube with a small camera attached to the end. This enables us to see a live video of your pet’s digestive system or respiratory system. Your vet may suggest an endoscopy if your pet is experiencing breathing or bowel issues.