Appointments To minimise waiting times, we encourage an appointment-only service. If requested, we will always endeavour to see your pet on the same day you make an appointment. Our vets like to get to know their patients, so if possible, please ask to see the same vet at each appointment. We believe that continuity of... Read more »

Dental Care

Cleaning your pet’s teeth from a young age is vitally important. It is thought that as many as 85% of cats and dogs aged three years and over have some form of dental disease. Dental disease affects the whole body, not just the teeth and gums. This is because bacteria in the plaque can enter... Read more »

Flea & Worm Treatment

There are many different types of fleas and worms that can infect dogs and cats in the UK. In fact, they are two of the most common problems that your pet can suffer from. Fortunately, we can protect your pet with regular treatment. Worms The type of parasite that your pet picks up will depend... Read more »

Nurse Consultations

Our highly-qualified veterinary nurses are a key part of the team here at Tameside Veterinary Clinic. They run regular sessions across our three locations to look after the general health of your pets. Nurse consultations offer the chance to see an experienced veterinary professional at a lower cost than with our veterinary surgeons. Our team... Read more »

Pet Health Plan

We know your pet’s healthcare is your top priority. Our Pet Health Club is the simple way to look after your pet’s health whilst saving money. A healthy, happy pet needs lots of care and attention, including vaccinations, worm and flea treatments, and regular check-ups. By spreading the cost of essential treatments for your dog,... Read more »

Pet Passports

Just like us, your pet needs its own passport to travel abroad. At Tameside Veterinary Clinic we have designated DEFRA Local Veterinary Inspectors (LVI). This means they are able to issue both pet passports and export certificates. Our team can organise your pet’s passport and advise on what your pet needs before the passport is... Read more »

Surgery and Procedures

We perform a wide range of surgery and procedures every day in our fully-equipped clinics. Our veterinary surgeons and nurses have been trained to the highest level to ensure your pet’s operation is performed effectively and safely. Before you entrust your pet to our care, you will be fully briefed on the procedure and the... Read more »


At our clinic, we believe that prevention is better than cure. That’s why vaccinations and boosters are a vital part of your pet’s healthcare. We provide thorough vaccination courses to ensure that your cats, dogs and rabbits are protected against potentially serious diseases. Unlike human vaccinations, it’s important to get your pet vaccinated annually as... Read more »

X-Ray & Ultrasound

Here at Tameside Veterinary Clinic, we have a range of diagnostic equipment that ensures we can give your pet the best possible care. X-ray Our digital x-ray machines enable us to take x-rays quickly, reliably and safely. They allow our experienced vets and nurses to diagnose many conditions that can’t be seen from external examinations... Read more »